Eagles (1-3) vs Redskins (2-2) Recap – Week 4

Eagles 20 – Redskins 23

1Q: PHI 0 WSH 6

2Q: PHI 0 WSH 7

3Q: PHI 13 WSH 3

4Q: PHI 7 WSH 7

Sorry Folks, but this Eagles team will not be taking part in the post season this year.  Get ready for Flyers hockey or Sixers Hoops.  I’ve said this before and i’ll say it again – this Eagles team isn’t a team.  It’s just a collection of guys that happen to be wearing the same uniform.  A lot of the issues MUST lay at the feet of head coach.  He assembled this team.  Let’s take a look at my prediction from the pregame blog.  I hate to say it, but it’s 100 % spot on.

Prediction – I know most of you think this is an Eagles win but I’m here to say, not so fast my friend (Lee Corso style). The Eagles can sometimes struggle at Washington and NFC East games, regardless of records are always close. I’d be shocked if this wasn’t a one score game when it’s all said and done. I can’t pick the Eagles knowing the struggles this offense is going through. Until I see a consistent turn around from Bradford and company I believe the Redskins will eek one out. Eagles 19 – Redskins 20


Rush Defense – The Eagles front 4 really controlled the line of scrimmage I thought.  Bennie Logan and Fletcher Cox were outstanding at the point of attack.  We have said this in the podcast and will say it again, teams simply can’t run against these guys.

Sam Bradford – I thought Bradford was really good.  It’s not his fault this OL is a complete joke and arguably the worst in the league (more to come on this sorry bunch).  This is the Sam Bradford we thought we were going to see weeks 1-3.  He was pin point accurate with the deep ball and really played well.  There’s no way anyone can put this loss on him.

Vertical Passing Game – As fans, and I’m assuming Chip Kelly we have been waiting for this all year.  Where has it been?  It was nice to see the Eagles connect on multiple deep balls.  Matthews, Agholor, Cooper and Austin were all able to connect on long plays.  The key reason these plays were able to develop was the protection by the offensive line.


Caleb Sturgis – The kicking game is going to be a problem all year.  Get used to it Eagles fans.  I expect a few kickers to be here on Tuesday during “tryout Tuesday.”  Cut this loser.  An argument could be made he cost the Eagles the game.

First Half Offense – Another atrocious first half performance by this offensive unit.  The Eagles were shut out again in the first half, and going back to last weeks game that made 4 Quarters (a games worth) in a row with zero points.  The inability to get anything going put the team in a 13-0 hole.

Situational Defense – I thought the Eagles really struggled in situational defense.  The 3rd Downs were really an issue.  The Redskins converted a number of long 3rd downs to either change or keep momentum going on their side.  This was an issue from the fist series of the game when they converted 3rd – 19 on a simple draw play.

Penalties – A sloppy game for both teams and the Redskins tallied more penalties than the Eagles.  The Eagles were flagged 8 times for 72 yards.  This has been an issue all season.  Very sloppy.  A lot of these penalties extended drives for the Redskins and halted offensive drives.  If the Eagles even want to think about turning around their season, they need to start with penalties.

Pass Rush – Kirk Cousins had all day to throw the football.  Even when they blitzed the Eagles couldn’t get to him.  This arguably was a big reason why the Eagles didn’t win the game.  They have to become consistent rushing the passer.  Opposing QB’s can’t just sit in the pocket and go through 3 and 4 progressions like Cousins did Sunday.  This has to be an area of concern moving forward.

Offensive Line – After a stellar performance week 3 these guys really took a step back.  Add in multiple injuries to both book end tackles just to twist the knife a little bit.  I understand the guards suck but I’m really disappointed in Kelce.  He again committed multiple penalties and was beat often.  As the center he is the anchor of this unit.  He needs to step up and be a leader.  These guys can talk through the media all they want about how “they aren’t getting it done” or their play is “unacceptable” but I’m tired  of all this BS.  I want to see results.  This OL is honestly the sole reason for this offense struggling.  We talk about the receivers but the WRs don’t have time to get open.  It’s a trickle down effect.

Chip Kelly and Staff – Again the Eagles HC appears in the wrong segment of the blog.  I’m really disappointed in Kelly.  I didn’t want Kelly in the beginning of the coaching process however quickly turned and really began to believe in his ways.  I still do to some point but he needs improve.  I would love to be a fly on the wall in the Nova Care center during game week and see what preparations these guys are making.  Every game, weeks 1-4 the Eagles have started slow.  In my opinion this is a game prep issue.  Kelly is not getting these guys ready to play.  I mentioned on the podcast Kelly isn’t going anywhere unless he is fired.  He’s got a dream job, running an NFL team.  I don’t see why he would give that up.  The only question is will this get so bad that Lurie has no choice but to cut bait.  I don’t think we are at that point yet.

I mentioned at the top of this article the Eagles have no chance to make the playoffs.  I started typing this right after the game and I’m finishing it after the Dallas/Saints game.  Realistically they aren’t dead yet.  They need to be 4-3 at the bye to have a decent shot.  Let’s see if they have any guts and can battle back.  Next up, a home game vs the Saints.

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