Week 3 Matchups to Watch- Eagles Offense vs. Jets Defense

I don’t need to go into any long winded rant about the pathetic Eagles offense in Week 2 I’ll spare you the time.  The Jets defense is no joke and they made Andrew Luck look like an average NFL quarterback in Week 2 on the road.  Todd Bowles was terrible during his time here, but he is a damn good defensive coordinator and looks like he might be on the rise as a head coach as well.  Chip will have his hands full for sure.

Andrew Gardner vs. Leonard Williams

Gardner and Allen Barbre have drawn the most criticism outside of Chip the first two weeks.  They have not played well and it’s hurt the offense.  Gardner will face another tough test on Sunday against rookie Leonard Williams.  The Jets defensive line as a whole is among the best in the league and Williams adds talent to that mix in the place of suspended Sheldon Richardson.  Gardner needs to find a way to eliminate so much penetration into the backfield so the running game can look at least serviceable.  Lane Johnson can be thrown into this matchup as well since he may be asked to help out Gardner if need be.

Eagles Wide Receivers vs. Jets Cornerbacks

This is a general matchup since the Eagles struggled mightily to get any sort of separation against the average Dallas secondary.  The Jets have Darrelle Revis, Antonio Cromartie and Buster Skrine which gives them the best trio in the league in my opinion.  They pretty much plan man across the board which most teams already do against the Eagles.  It will be on the group of wideouts for the Eagles to find a way to get open since I don’t expect the running game to get off this week either.  Bradford will not finish this game if he’s forced to throw the ball 40 plus times.  Jordan Matthews also needs to catch the ball and eliminate the costly drops.

Chip Kelly vs. Todd Bowles

Chip has been under the gun so far this season and it’s well deserved.  His offense has looked awful in all but two quarters of this 2015 season.  He believes that scheme will get guys open and that’s just not happened so far.  I already touched on the guard situation and there really isn’t much they can do at this point the roster is set.  On the other hand, Bowles has the Jets flying around on defense and brought his aggressive blitzing style from Arizona.  You will see a ton of blitzes on Sunday to counteract the up tempo style the Eagles look to run at.  Creating long down and distances by either run or pass blitzes is the prime objective for Bowles.


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