Eagles (0-2) vs Cowboys (2-0) Recap – Week 2

Eagles 10 – Cowboys 20

1Q: PHI 0 DAL 3

2Q: PHI 0 DAL 3

3Q: PHI 0 DAL 7

4Q: PHI 10 DAL 7

Where do I begin?  This was arguably the ugliest game I’ve watched since a 2013 home game against the Giants where the offense was completely shut out.  I was dead wrong about this game and how I thought it would play out.  The Eagles were suppose to come out like gang busters and jump out to a nice early lead.  After their second half against Atlanta it would have been nice to carry that over to this week.  Here’s my prediction from the preview blog:

Prediction – The Eagles cannot go down 0-2 on the season and 0-1 in the division. I believe the Eagles will be ready to play with a commitment to the running game. I expect Murray to have 20-25 carries and a good chance of 40 team runs or so. Look for Mathews and Sproles to get some work as well – more than last week. Jordan Matthews and Agholor will have nice games due to some depth concerns at defensive back for Dallas. I think the Eagles will be up 2 scores late and Dallas will score to make it a one score game. Eagles 30 – Cowboys 24

Let’s not waste any more time.  Let’s get right into it.  Here’s what I liked and didn’t like:

WHAT I LIKED (This shouldn’t take long)

Jordan Hicks – I thought he came in after two injuries to Kiko and Kendricks and did a nice job.  He forced a fumble on Romo and overall played pretty well.  He was beat on a long 3rd down by Lance Dunbar.  I can’t hold that against Hicks.  It’s a tough cover by a LB let alone a rookie LB.  It was a nice sign to see if he needs to play more, which he might if the injury reports that have been reported are true.

The Defense – What Chip and the offense did to this unit was pure negligence.  What I mean by that was the amount of time they were on the field.  They got zero help from the coaching staff or the offense.  I thought they did an admirable job.  They were excellent against the run and I thought the LB’s were solid as well.  I wanted to see a little more pass rush but let’s remember the Cowboys have a solid offensive line.  I thought Maxwell and the rest of his counter parts had a better game than last week.  I don’t hold Maxwell accountable for the last score.  The game was already over and it didn’t matter.  He was completely gassed anyway for being on the field for more than 40 minutes.


I could just say the offense overall but lets be a little more specific because I think we need to.

The Offensive Line – Specifically the combination of Barbre, Kelce and Gardner.  These 3 guys have got to pick it up.  Kelce is a good player and he needs to play better.  I’m not worried about Kelce.  I know he will get better and will anchor this line.  Barbre and Gardner just suck.  There gap control and technique is poor which leads gap penetration by the defensive line.  This ultimately goes back Chip and the decisions he made by constructing this unit.  There was no running game whatsoever and that is strictly tied to the offensive line.

Sam Bradford – Bradford really struggled Sunday.  He was shaky in the pocket, made poor decisions and was unable to get in any rhythm for the entire game.  Part of his struggles in the pocket could have been related to the OL but he should have played much better.

Penalties – The Eagles have been a very undisciplined team through 2 games this season.  There have been an abundant amount of holding calls that have really stalled drives.  Over the past two years the Eagles have been pretty solid in the penalty department.  This needs to change if they want to turn this season around.

Injuries – There were some bad injuries yesterday.  Kiko Alonso suffered a knee injury to his surgically repaired knee.  A report surfaced last night that said he tore his ACL.  The report had no merit and couldn’t be validated.  Bleeding Green Nation reported early this morning that his injury is not an ACL tear.  The MRI will reveal more and we will all know later today.  Mychal Kendricks suffered a hamstring injury covering a play downfield.  Again we will wait for the MRI.  Not surprised Kendricks is hurt.  How can anyones body hold up for the amount time he was on the field prior to the injury?

Chip Kelly/Coaching Staff – I’m really disappointed in Chip Kelly and his neglect for the OL.  I was on board with the decisions he made as well.  I thought Barbre and Gardner would be plug and play guys.  This looks like a crippling move that could haunt chip and the Eagles the rest of this season.  I hate to say it but so far this Eagles team reminds me of the 2012 disaster that got Andy Reid fired.  This 2015 Eagles squad isn’t a team.  Not yet at least.  This is just a collection of talent with no cohesiveness, rime or rhythm.  In order to turn this around they need to become a team and that falls at the feet of the head coach.  Chip talks about culture vs scheme a lot.  Right now this culture blows.  Get it fixed Chip.  The Eagles have had 2 decent quarters out of 8 this year and have lost 5/6 games going back to last year.

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