Week 2 Matchups- Cowboys Offense vs. Eagles Defense

The Eagles struggled to get a consistent pass rush against the mediocre Atlanta offensive line.  They face arguably the best offensive line in the league on Sunday.  Tony Romo will light this defense up if he’s given a clean pocket all game.  Luckily, Dez Bryant will miss this game after breaking his foot.  Here’s a few matchups to watch in this important NFC East battle…

Bennie Logan vs. Travis Frederick

Logan had another solid performance in the season opener showing up in the backfield constantly.  He will square off with one of the better centers in the league Travis Frederick this weekend.  Logan was outspoken last year in regards to the Dallas line and backed his words up.  His presence and disruptive play in the middle is key to an Eagles victory on Sunday.  Frederick is similar to Jason Kelce in that he uses his agility and quickness to excel at the center position.  Logan played 53 snaps on Monday night and that number could rise this week.

Mychal Kendricks vs. Lance Dunbar

Kendricks was on the field for every defensive snap on Monday night which ends any possible discussion of him being in a rotation.  A play which stood out to me was a great open field tackle made on a third down late in the game against Falcons running back Devonta Freeman.  This week Kendricks will likely draw the test of Cowboys scat back Lance Dunbar.  Dunbar led the team with 8 receptions for 70 yards versus the Giants.  I expect Romo to continue looking Dunbar’s way with the absence of Dez Bryant.  Dunbar and tight end Jason Witten are his security blankets.  Kendricks will see his fair share of Witten as well.  The Eagles did not feature a lot of blitzes in Week 1 and I expect Bill Davis to dial up more especially for Kendricks who seems to always get home when he’s sent.

Malcolm Jenkins vs. Cole Beasley

Jenk had a great game in Atlanta and was all over the field.  Heading into the game many questioned who would draw the nickel corner assignment which fell into Jenkins lap.  Chris Maragos saw time at safety in these packages.  The only downside to Jenkins for me are the dropped interceptions he’s had recently dating back to the end of last year.  These are huge plays which can really swing momentum especially in division games.  Cowboys slot wide receiver Cole Beasley will more than likely line up opposite Jenkins this week.  Beasley is a poor man’s Wes Welker who’s had fumbling issues including one taken back by former Eagles great Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie for six.  Jenkins will play physical with Beasley and jam him off the line.  This is a matchup I’ll be watching closely in particular on third downs.

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