Alumni Focus: Donovan McNabb

Donovan McNabb’s tenure as an Eagle had it’s ups and downs.  His name still sparks great debates in barbershops all over the city.  There are usually two arguments that take place.  McNabb either couldn’t get it done or didn’t get the proper help for much of his career.  Personally, I’m a McNabb fan and always have been.  He was a very good signal caller for a decade here in Philadelphia.  We all remembered what happened on draft day when the Eagles took him 2nd overall from Syracuse University.  Eagle fans took over Radio City Music Hall and booed the pick on draft day.  Key word is the pick.  We were not booing McNabb.  Fans were expecting Ricky Williams.  It’s a good thing the Eagles’ didn’t end up taking him.

They Key to a successful NFL season almost always hinges on the play of the QB.  Donovan McNabb gave the Eagles some stability they really never had as a franchise.  Although they couldn’t win the Super Bowl they were a fixture in the playoffs a decade.  Another debatable topic surrounding McNabb is whether he is worthy of the Hall of Fame.  I mentioned before he was a very good QB.  I think that’s where it stops.  The Hall of Fame is for great players.  Because the Eagles had multiple chances to get to a SB and didn’t really holds him back.  Another Super Bowl appearance or two or a victory in one could change the argument.

McNabb wore an NFL uniform for 13 years.  After 11 with the Eagles he was traded to Redskins.  After a year in Washington he signed with the Minnesota Vikings where he would not finish out the year.  McNabb was able to put up some pretty impressive numbers over his 13 year career.  167 games played, 59 percent completion percentage, 37,276 passing yards, 234 TDs – 117 INTs and a QB rating of 85.6.  The Eagles rewarded him with a nice retirement ceremony against Andy Reid and Chiefs during the 2013 season which included the number 5 being raised into the rafters.

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