Training Camp Venue

​One of the first changes made when Chip Kelly came into power was the change of location for Eagles training camp. I’m sure most of us Eagles fans including myself made the trip up to the Lehigh campus many a time to stand in the ungodly humidity and watch our beloved squad. Chip decided it was best for his program he wanted to implement to have the players close to home and keep the camp right at the Novacare Complex. Personally, I enjoyed being up close and personal watching the practices at Lehigh it was a pretty cool atmosphere. However, at the end of the day I think it was the right call by Chip to keep the practices in the Delaware Valley. The whole sports science and required hours of sleep per day that he preaches fits right in line with not having professional athletes sleep in college dormitories for a few weeks. While I understand the argument of players bonding together as teammates in a confined location during the grueling days of training camp, I think the trips up to Lehigh had run it’s course for most of the players. The Eagles still do open practices for the fans which are now held out Lincoln Financial Field on various dates throughout the summer. I’ve been to a few the past two seasons and it’s honestly a waste of time for the most part. While it’s free to the public and seating is first come first serve, it’s often difficult to really see what’s going on in the actual practice with more people moving around the stadium. The centralized sort of feeling at Lehigh with everyone focusing on the practice field was more conducive to fans like myself and co blogger. I think these type practices are more designed for those fans who don’t get a chance to attend preseason or regular season contests on a regular basis or if at all. The Eagles organization as a whole does a great job of reaching out and giving back to the community which directly ties back to these open practices that are held. Now if they would only lower the prices of preseason games, but that’s a topic for another time. Overall, the shift in training camp locations seems to have gone over pretty smoothly despite some initial pushback from the Lehigh community. Get geared up for training camp starting on August 1st by listening to all 3 of our podcasts through the Podbean App search Birds Scoop. The 4th podcast previewing training camp will be released in the coming weeks. 

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