Alumni Focus: Ricky Watters

Ricky Watters was a unique individual.  He played with a ton of confidence and had swagger on and off the field.  I couple things come to mind when I remember watching Watters run.  The first thing was his high step.  He would catch a swing pass and as soon as he would turn up field he would immediately start to high step.  Ricky Watters ended his 11 year playing career with 10,643 yards.  Imagine how many more he would have, had he not high stepped as soon as touched the ball.

11 years for an NFL running back is an anomaly now a days.  The  average NFL career (at any position) is 2.7 years in todays NFL.  11 years in the league is impressive, even more so for a RB.  This is a testament to Watters and truly shows how underrated he was.  When you think of the 10,000 yard club he is often one of the players left off the list.  Ricky Watters played for 3 NFL teams during his career.  Drafted by the 49ers from Notre Dame he played 3 years for SF, 3 years with the Eagles and finished his career with a 4 year stint in Seattle.  While with the Eagles Watters played in all 48 games, rushed for 3794 yards and found the end zone 31 times.

Not only was Ricky Watters a fantastic runner, he was an excellent receiver out of the back field making him dual threat.  He ended his career with 467 receptions, 4,248 yards and 13 TDs.  Ricky didn’t start out in the graces of Eagles fans.  He short armed a downfield pass against Tampa Bay.  When asked after the game about why not diving or stretching out Watters responded, “for who, for what.”  The attitude eventually changed after we could see what Watters brought to the field with his running style.

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