Birds Scoop Position Rankings

In our 9 part summer series we take a look at the 4th spot in our Eagles team position rankings.  Again, this isn’t a player by player break down but ranking the groups as a whole.  Last week we took a look at the OLBs at the 5 spot.  This week we look at the Special Teams Unit, specifically the PK, Holder and LS.

Cody Parkey, Jon Dorenbos and Donnie Jones have formed arguably one of the leagues top ST units.  Going into last year fans were extremely leery of having Alex Henery handling the place kicking duties.  We all owe Ryan Grigson the GM of the Colts (former Eagles talent evaluator) a big thank you.  We were able to swing a trade with the Colts landing Parkey right before the last pre-season game.  Two 50 yard FGs sealed Henery’s fate and the rest was history.  Jon Dorenbos arguably has the best job in the NFL.  He gets a front row seat to watch best athletes on the planet play football, only goes out for a handful of plays and makes more than a million bucks a year.  To top it all off he’s a top notch magician as well.  Donnie Jones has been a nice addition as well through out the last couple of seasons.  Chaz Henry was a disaster in 2012 so a change needed to be made.  Jones was excellent in 2013 and took a little step back in 14 due to consistency.  The Eagles brought in Kip Smith, an UDFA P to challenge Jones.  Ultimately I believe Donnie Jones will win the job.

One phase of ST teams that often gets overlooked is the snap and hold exchange.  For a successful FG or PAT the ball has to be snapped right on cue, the ball needs to be held and placed perfectly.  All this has to be timed perfectly as Cody Parkey comes through and kicks it up and through. This will be extremely important this year as the PATs have been moved back.

Due to the success of Cody Parkey and the overall consistency of this unit we rank them number 4.  Read next week as we finished up our series starting with the top 3.

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