Birds Scoop Position Rankings

We continue our break down of the Eagles position rankings.  So far in our power rankings we have ranked the QBs and DBs at number 9 & 8.  This week, in our 7th spot we take a look at the WR position.

On the 90 man roster the Eagles have 11 WRs.  Usually NFL teams carry 5-6 WRs.  Come the end of August this list will be cut in half.  The 11 WRs currently on the roster are:

  • Nelson Agholor
  • Seyi Ajirotutu
  • Miles Austin
  • Rasheed Bailey
  • Riley Cooper
  • Devante Davis
  • John Harris
  • Josh Huff
  • Jeff Maehl
  • Jordan Matthews
  • Quron Pratt

Lets take a look a who will definitely make this roster and we can pair down from there.  Agholor, Huff, Matthews and Cooper are locks to make this roster.  Some would argue Cooper is not but due to his cap number I think he stays.  The Eagles need help in the red-zone and Cooper is their best option.  He showed flashes last year with some nice catches but overall was a disappointment.  For the sake of this argument, lets assume the Eagles will keep 6 WRs.  There are two spots remaining for 7 WRs.  Jeff Maehl has made this team the last 2 years.  This is the year I believe his luck runs out.  He simply can’t compete at this level.  Quron Pratt has been in Eagles camp before.  He puts on a nice showing but overall can’t make enough plays to stick with the 53.  He has nice speed but ends up getting lost in the shuffle.  I believe he will be on the 10 man practice squad.

We are now at 5 WRs for two spots.  I don’t believe Miles Austin will be long for midnight green.  Chip has said the best ability is durability.  With his extensive hamstring issues, I believe he will be gone.  We are left with two underrated rookies and return man Seyi Ajirotutu.  One of these UFA will make this team, maybe even both.  Ajirotutu can return kicks and play outside.  Because of his value I believe he will be on this roster.  You can’t go wrong with either of these UFA WRs.  Both have good size at 6-2 and 200 plus pounds.  Not to slight the small school local guy but lets say John Harris makes the team from Texas.  Playing at a larger collegiate program could mean Harris is more NFL ready.

We have now paired the WR group down.  This is a nice young group.  There is only one problem.  There isn’t a clear cut number one WR and I don’t believe there is a lot of depth.  The Eagles are banking on production from two second year players and a rookie from the pac 12.  There isn’t a real productive veteran on the roster, or at least a productive veteran these guys can take seriously.  Josh Huff and Nelson Agholor are unknown players the Eagles will need to step up.  Huff showed flashes of being a nice player last year and then showed flashes of the complete opposite.  I believe he is the key to this unit.  As I have said in earlier blogs, as Huff goes, so will this team.

Because of the uncertainty regarding this position (stop me if you have heard that before regarding the first two groups) we rank the WRs at number 7.  Stay tuned next week for our number 6 spot.

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