Birds Scoop Position Rankings

Last week we started our position power rankings for the 2015 Eagles.  We kicked off our count down from worst to first starting with the number 9th ranked position, the QB’s.

This week, at number 8 we will breakdown the DB position.  Very similar to our reasoning with the QB’s, we as fans aren’t totally sure what we are going to see from this group.  There are a lot of unanswered questions.  We covered these guys a bit during our first podcast (  Maxwell is surely penciled in as one started.  After him there are a couple of guys who could be in the running.  Honestly I think it comes down to two players.  Veteran Walter Thurmond coming off a pectoral injury and rookie CB from Utah Eric Rowe.  Ultimately I believe it’s Rowe’s job to lose.  He will be given a lot of opportunities to win the job.

Boykin, if not moved will be in the slot.  If he wants to increase his playing time he will need to improve off of last year.  Nolan Carroll could push Boykin for playing time.  Carroll’s situation was odd last year.  I couldn’t figure out why he wasn’t able to get on the field, specifically with how bad Fletcher was.  JaCorey Shepherd and Randall Evans will also be vying for playing time.  Carroll could also be the odd man out as he has a high cap number for this season.  With these rookies, spots are at a premium.  Just like all roster spots in the NFL.

We have also lumped the Safety position in with this DB group.  This current group of safeties makes this CB group look like the strongest position on the roster.  Right now the Eagles have one safety that we know of.  Malcolm Jenkins is the guy and proved to be a excellent under the radar signing last year.  There’s a chance a young player steps up and really locks down the other spot but there’s a lot to be desired with these guys.  Jaylen Watkins could be given a shot to play along side Jenkins.  I’m extremely tired of Earl Wolff.  I know what he can do and it isn’t much.  If he even dresses for more than 8 games I’ll be surprised.  EJ Biggers who was just signed will look to turn some heads during OTA’s and training camp.  There’s also a chance, probably not this year that one of these rookie CB’s can transition to safety.  I believe that could be a possibility down the road.

As you can you see there are some decisions to be made regarding these groups as a whole.  There are multiple questions that need answered here.  Because we aren’t sure who the other half of each starting tandem will be, this position comes in at number 8.  Next week we will continue with number 7.

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Our next podcast will be available next week.  We are doing our schedule breakdowns and predictions for the NFC East.


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