No Huddle: My Take On #Deflategate

For those who don’t know me I am one of the most anti-New England Patriots guys around.  I don’t make it a point to hide my feelings on this team.  I can’t stand the Patriots and I can’t stand Tom Brady, Bill Belichick and Robert Kraft.  My reasons go deeper than the average fan.  I get really annoyed at band wagon fans who try to talk down to me regarding the Patriots. “The Patriots have 4 super bowls, how many do the Eagles have?”  “I can’t wait till the Pats game this weekend, who do they play again?”  “Tom Brady is 10x better than Manning?”  If you want to talk football that’s cool, lets talk.  Just bring some substance, some history and intelligent conversation.  Tell me more than the average junk we hear everyday.  This honestly applies to all teams and fans but really gets on my nerves regarding the Patriots.  My real dislike for this team started about 10 years ago when I attended college in the Boston area.

With the Patriots it’s always something.  If it’s not spying on other teams which they did for years it’s illegal substitution patterns.  If it’s not that it’s tampering with PSI.  If they are such a great team which I believe they are just line up and beat the guy in front of you.

All that being said and I mean all, I feel Brady is getting a bad deal here.  I honestly do.  Taking a couple PSI out of the football had no baring on that AFC Championship game.  They could have played with a loaf of bread and still beat the Colts by 20.  Not to mention I think most QB’s like to manipulate the ball.  Aaron Rodgers admitted to Phil Simms he prefers more air in the ball.  If proved should he also be suspended 4 games?  By the letter of the law and how the NFL acted he should be.  Will he? Of course not.

Roger Goodell was pressured by the reaction of his customers (the fans) and had to do come down hard on Brady and the Patriots.  I expected a fine of some sort but not the cumulative punishment they actually received.  In my opinion the drafts picks are more harmful as they affect the future as opposed to the 4 games.  For as cool and collected as Brady is on the field, he really handled this poorly from a PR standpoint off the field.  It obvious he was lying.  If he was upfront with the league there may have not been a suspension at all, just a fine.  They can recover from a 1-3 or 2-2 start with out Brady.  In fact if you ask most Patriots fans they would take a 2-2 start to be honest.  As Eagles’ fans we really would prefer a 2 game suspension (it could still happen after appeal) because they play the Cowboys week 5.  With a bye week 4 Brady is still suspended week 5.  This suspension is 4 starts so if this is held up, Brady will miss the Cowboys game.

Is Brady still arguably the best QB of all time?  I would say yes.  Is his reputation tarnished?  Probably not, some would say all his Super Bowls are tainted.

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