Alumni Focus: Bert Bell

This week we are throwing you a curveball.  For the last 6 weeks we have covered past players from the 1960’s through the 1990’s.  Now we are going to take a look at a man who made all this possible.  The creator and founder of the Philadelphia Eagles Bert Bell.

Bell was born in Philadelphia, Feb 25 1895.  He got a taste of professional sports in the 1920’s as he assembled a start up team in Chicago.  The Stanley Professionals were dismantled before they even played a game due to the negativity surrounding the Black Sox Scandal.  After returning home from Chicago he was an assistant coach with UPenn and even spent time as the Backfield (HB) coach at Temple University.

In 1933 Bell got the go-ahead to start up a professional football team in Philadelphia.  It was announced the team would be called the Philadelphia Eagles.  Bell led a group of investors and the franchise was on its way.  The first couple years of this experiment did not go as planned.  During those years they lost almost $90,000 which equates to roughly $1,500,000.00 in todays currency.  The team went to auction and Bell became the majority owner for a bid $4,500 which is almost $80,000 today.  Not a bad haul for a team thats worth almost a Billion today.

Through out the years Bert Bell’s imprint has been on this organization and the NFL as whole.  During his tenure with the league he had a hand in Marketing, the first attempt at a Merger between the two leagues and was even the NFL Commissioner from 1946-1959.  He was also involved with the first compromise between the NFLPA and the NFL regarding antitrust laws.

Bert Bell deserves a huge thank you from all Eagles’ fans.  Because of him we can wear our jerseys and go nuts on Sundays.  I hope this write up gives you a little insight on him as a man and a professional.  In all honesty this could have been 10 pages long.

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