Draft Recap – 3rd Round Draft Pick: 84th Overall Jordan Hicks

Jordan Hicks was taken by the Eagles’ in the 3rd round of this years NFL Draft (as if you didn’t know by the title of this blog).  Hicks will look to come into camp and compete with Ryans, Alonso and Kendricks for time at ILB.  There has been a lot of speculation regarding the future of Kendricks and this pick will only add to the rumors.  Personally, I don’t think Kendricks will be here after this year.  This isn’t the time to get into whether Kendricks fits or not.  See our blog on Kendricks future we did a couple weeks ago if you want more thoughts on that.

Jordan Hicks, a 6-1 236 LB redshirt senior from Texas fits the Eagles’ 3-4 scheme.  Scouts say Hicks does a great job of wrapping up ball carriers in the open field.  He has excellent hip rotation. During his last year at Texas he recorded 138 tackles.

Hicks might not be the best blitzer, which could be an issue because Billy Davis likes to blitz his inside linebackers.  How often did we see Kendricks and now maybe Alonso storm through one of the gaps in the o-line to get into the backfield?  Hicks was a little inconsistent during his time at Texas.  He would show up every play for half a game, a quarter or so then dissapear for an abundant amount of time.  Geoff Mosher tweeted after the selection of hicks that he reached out to a scout regarding this pick and the response was “stupid pick.”  On the other hand the Bengals were going to take him the very next pick according to Ian Rapoport.

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