Draft Recap – 2nd Round Draft Pick: 47th Overall Eric Rowe

The Eagles’ trade up to select CB Eric Rowe from Utah.  They made a trade with the Miami Dolphins.  The Dolphins received the Eagles’ 52nd overall pick and two fifth round picks – 145th & 156th.  The Eagles’ received the 47th overall pick and Miami’s 191st sixth round pick.

I fully expect Rowe to be a factor this year however not at CB.  In my opinion they drafted Rowe with the Idea that he will eventually move to Safety.  It will be hard for him to crack a crowded defensive backfield this year.  He will be fighting for time right off the bat with Nolan Carroll and Brandon Boykin (if Boykin is still here) for that slot CB spot.  Maxwell is penciled in as a starter for sure but everything else is up for grabs.

Eric Rowe (22) is a 6-1 205 LB senior from Utah.  He has the ideal size and other measurables to be an effect DB in the NFL.  The NFL is becoming an up tempo passing league and Rowe’s style suits the way this game is going.  Rowe isn’t afraid to play in the box and help with run support.  It’s one of his best qualities.  Scouts believe he has the overall strength and quickness to beat WRs to “the spot” and be able to win most 1 on 1 battles.

Scouts believe the talent surrounding Rowe will have an effect on how productive he will be.  This will be a big factor in is growth moving forward.  We really won’t know the answer to this until 2-3 years down the road.  Rowe doesn’t always move like CB.  It’s why I believe he will eventually be moved to safety.  He could struggle against solid effective route runners.

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