Draft Recap – 1st Round Draft Pick: 20th Overall Nelson Agholor

Two first round picks, a 3rd round pick, Fletcher Cox, Brandon Boykin and Mychal Kendricks.  That was the reported package on the table for Marcus Mariota.  I don’t know about you guys but in my opinion that is the definition of mortgaging the future.  For the record I was against any type of trade since day one and said so publicly.  Fletcher Cox is an All-Pro caliber defensive lineman.  To put his talent into prospect, Ross Tucker said Leonard Williams (6th Pick Jets, and arguably the top rated player on most team’s boards) could become what Fletcher Cox is right now.

Enough about the player the Eagles’ didn’t draft.  Let’s look at who they did the draft.  20th overall, WR USC Nelson Agholor.  Agholor (21) is a 198 lbs, 6-0 JR.  He has immediately been compared to Jeremy Maclin regarding his size and style of play.  This draft is WR rich so we all expected the Eagles to be walking away with one at some point.  I fully expect them to draft another one in the later rounds.  Multiple scouting reports believe he has good footwork and will be able to gain separation from corners over the middle of the field and underneath routes.  Agholor will be a factor in the return game as well.  He is a solid punt returner.  He ran back two for scores in his final two seasons at USC.  Agholor plays bigger than his 198, 6-0 frame which is always a plus.  He has the ability to get off of press coverage.

Agholor was used primarily in the slot at college and it could be an adjustment playing outside in the pros.  This will be something he will have to overcome.  He doesn’t have the deep speed DeSean did so don’t expect him to be a great deep threat.  Agholor is not a great run blocker which to be honest isn’t that big of a deal in my opinion.  Murray runs between the tackles so Agholor’s ability to block might not be an issue.

Chip needs to be in full spin mode now.  There were a lot of players rumored to be in these packages for Mariota.  It will be interesting to see how these players react to possibly being traded.  Mark Eckel of NJ.com has a report the Eagles’ and Bradford are already working on a contract extension.  His jersey is now available for sale in the team’s pro shop to put it in perspective.

We will have a breakdown of all the Eagles’ draft picks after each day of the draft.  Get all your draft coverage with Birds Scoop.

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