No Huddle: The Marketing Machine That Is The NFL

Say what you want about Roger Goodell and some of the decisions he has made.  He has turned the NFL into a global power house.  There isn’t another sport that dominates the airwaves year round quite like the NFL.

The draft years back was a weekend TV event.  First half of the draft on Saturday and the rest on Sunday.  With in the last 5-6 years the first round is now a prime time event.  Every April or May depending on scheduling the NFL takes center stage.  The coverage leading up to the draft only adds to the hype.  From the mock drafts to player interviews it’s all part of the experience.  During the first round every team in the league gets 10 minutes of prime time coverage.  This year they have moved the draft from Radio City Music Hall to Chicago.  As they rotate the draft through out the country this will only give the NFL more exposure.

Fans now have a 4 view day viewing experience.  NFL games are played on Sunday, Monday, Thursday and Saturday at the end of the season.  At the end of the year the networks put out their highest rated shows and often it’s a football game taking the top stop.  In my opinion this can be a double edge sword.  The beauty of football and how they go to market is they always leave you wanting more.  Your team plays one game a week maybe two depending on scheduling.  Multiple games a week can leave you with a watered down product.  Thursday games are often bad football games and usually blowouts.  There is definitely some correlation there.

Goodell has now expanded into other countries and European markets.  NFL UK has been picking up steam the past few years.  This is evident by the 2-3 games a year played at Wembley Stadium.  Eventually there will be a Super Bowl over seas.  It seems to be trending that way.  I am 100 percent against the NFL in this scenario.  Not with just the Super Bowl but this idea of giving the UK games and taking games away from the fans here.  Why should we have to give up a home game to satisfy fans from other countries.  The NFL is now telling teams if you want to host a Super Bowl you have to give up a home game during the year and play one over seas.  There was a reason NFL Europe folded up a while ago.

The NFL is a marketing machine.  They have turned a 4 month regular season into a year round billion dollar empire.

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