Tebow Time

Yes it’s Tebow Time.  Yes the Eagles’ have signed Tim Tebow.  This move comes as a bit of a surprise to me only because the Eagles worked out Tebow in Mid March and nothing became of it.  They could have bought some time to trade Barkley clearing a spot for him but no such trade was made.  Ultimately nothing Chip Kelly does surprises me so I can’t say this is a total shock.

Is Tebow a starting caliber QB or even a back-up in this league?  I’m pretty sure we all know the answers to these questions.  It’s evident he’s not or else he would have been on a roster the last 2 years.  I’m against the move for one main reason.  This now gives  TMZ…I mean ESPN a story to ram down our throats and report on how many snaps he took or how his shoes were tied and any other useless information we don’t need.  I hate ESPN but that’s not the issue.  This could be a distraction for many obvious reasons.

This move tells me two things about Chip Kelly.  He doesn’t give a damn about what people think whatsoever and he really values culture vs scheme.  Read our previous blog on culture vs scheme  if you want more on that topic.  Tebow is the ultimate culture locker room guy.  He embodies the traits everyone loves and looks for: Work ethic, attitude, leadership, excellent teammate.  He never puts himself above the team and it’s obvious Chip wants to explore this a little further.  Yes, this is a gimmick signing and if it works out we could see Tebow all over the field.  It’s also possible Chip just wants to add a little depth to this roster and isn’t completely sold on Matt Barkley as a 3rd QB.

I truly believe this is a move based on depth.  I’m not sure Tebow will even make this team or beat out Matt Barkley.  In a straight up QB competition Tebow will not beat out Barkley….or will he?  Will Barkley even be on this roster to partake in a competition?Time will tell.

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