No Huddle: Will There Be A Uniform Change?

There have been some rumors floating around for the last year or so the Eagles’ are looking into possibly altering or changing their uniforms.  Don Smolenski admitted as much during a morning call in to Angelo and the WIP morning team last year.  If you look back to 1948 on average the Eagles’ have changed their uniforms and logo about every 10 – 12 years.  They have had their recent uniform and logo since the 1996 season.  There have been some slight modifications to the uniforms over the years but nothing you notice at first glance.

When Chip Kelly was hired Jeffrey Lurie welcomed us to a “new era” of Eagles’ football.  Usually when a new era is entered there’s a change or something done to forget the old way of doing things.  I believe this will come in the form of new uniforms.  What will the changes be?  Everyone has a romantic relationship with the Kelly Greens from the late 80’s and early 90’s.  I might be in the minority but I think the Kelly Green’s are vastly overrated but thats just me.  If you want to usher in a new era how about winning a Super Bowl.  Personally I like what they wear now.  Ultimately I couldn’t care less what the uniforms look like as long as they win and ultimately hold the Lombardi Trophy.

The NFL has an extensive procedure they go through when a team wants to change uniforms.  They do market research and run through number of scenarios in which a uniform will or will not be affective.  This process on average takes about 2 years or so.  If you recall when Jimmy Haslam bought the Browns 3 years ago he said a uniform change would be coming.  Earlier this week the Browns just unveiled their new dubs.

Lets not be naive though.  This isn’t about a new era of football if there is a change.  This is about money.  Another reason for us fans to go out and have the latest and greatest jersey.  Go back and read our “NO HUDDLE: JERSEY BLOG” and you will realize why buying jersey now isn’t the best investment.  The Eagles’ have done some uniform adjustments over the last year so which I do like.  They donned the black on black at the Giants funeral this year which netted a shut out and routinely where white on white which I like as well.


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