No Huddle: Eagles’ Road Trip

Every year the Eagles’ play a team or two with a great stadium.  The first thing we as fans do is look at the schedule and decide where our Eagles’ Road Trip is going to be.  I have done a couple road trips through out the last couple years and it’s a great experience.  It’s a good a feeling walking through enemy territory with your buddies.  Making a statement with a jersey or any kind of team paraphernalia.  Walking through a sea of non midnight green when you spot a small cluster of Eagles’ fans is like waking up all Christmas morning.

Lets take a look at the Eagles’ road games this year and see where such opportunities might present themselves.  In all honesty any away game could be a destination spot but part of the experience is the stadium itself and the atmosphere.  The stadiums listed below are not in order pertaining to the schedule as the schedule is not out yet.  I will rank each stadium 1 – 8, 1 being the best option for a road trip.

This years road games:

Atlanta Falcons – Georgia Dome – If you’re planning a road the Georgia Dome will probably be your last option.  Out of the 8 games this year this is the least attractive site.  Dome arena (obviously) seating 74,228.  Although this isn’t the greatest venue, tickets for this game might be cheaper than any other road game.  The Falcons often have trouble selling out games making tickets readily available and for a nice price.  From the Tri – State area this is a game you will most likely fly to, adding to the cost.  RANK 8

Detroit Lions – Ford Field – Ford Field is another indoor stadium.  One of the newer stadiums in the league Ford Field was opened in 2002 as the new home of the Lions.  This stadium regularly seats 65,000 and can be expandable for up to 71,000.  The one thing going against this game as a road trip game is the fact that it’s not in a great area.  The city of Detroit is a fine city but as well all know all cities have their good and bad parts.  Personally Ford Field doesn’t do it for me.  Football was meant to be played outside. RANK 7

Carolina Panthers – Bank of America Stadium – Located in Charlotte, NC, Bank of America Stadium seats up to 74,455.  There’s nothing overly exciting about the stadium itself.  It is in a nice area in Uptown Charlotte.  Charlotte is a nice city, a very clean city.  If your an avid golfer I recommend this trip as you can continue down to Hilton Head or Myrtle Beach for a nice round of golf or two.  This stadium is right on that buffer zone of do I fly or drive?  It’s not a bad drive, however cheap flights can be found. RANK 6

Washington Redskins – FedEx Field – FedEx field is located right off the capital beltway in Hyattsville, MD.  With a capacity of 79,000 FedEx field is not one of my favorite venues.  Something about it I just don’t find personally appealing.  Decent view from any seat in the house however.  The only reason this is ranked higher than Bank of America Field is proximity.  This is a day trip which makes it easy for Eagles’ to drive right down I95.  About 2:30-2:45 from the greater Philly area.  Quick story about FedEx field:  I was watching a game there in the upper deck.  At the start of the Upper Deck there is a concrete walk way.  A boozed up Redskins fan from 3 rows behind us got so trashed he lost his balanced fell forward.  He hit off of our backs and sky rocketed to the concrete walk way about 15 feet below.  He landed on his head.  He got up and was relieved.  Not about plummeting to his death, but he didn’t spill his beer.  True Story.  RANK 5

New York Jets/Giants – MetLife Stadium – The Jets and Giants share this stadium.  It’s one of the newer stadiums in the league. The Eagles’ will be making two trips to this site as they play the Jets on the road in addition to the Giants this year.  Located in East Rutherford, NJ this venue is located right off of I95.  MetLife Stadium is the easiest road trip you could make as it’s less than 2 hours away from the greater Philly area.  It’s a nice drive straight out the Turnpike and up I95.  Seating Capacity 82,566. RANK 4/3

Dallas Cowboys – AT&T Stadium – Located in Arlington, Texas Jerry’s Place has a seating capacity of 1,000,000.  Just Kidding.  The way Jerry talks about this place you would think it seats 1 million.  Seats about 80,000 with non standing room only about 105,000.  All the jokes aside this is an extremely nice venue.  With its large HD screens AT&T is arguably the nicest stadium in the league.  In most years this would be the best road trip.  Through they often sponsor trips down for road games and usually offer some good deals.  Tickets are not cheap regardless of who plays there and your only way of transportation is through air.  There’s a good chance you might see an Eagles’ win if you go.  Although this stadium is immaculate it doesn’t provide the home field advantage for the Cowboys as we all thought it would.  They are an average Team at home with a .500 winning percentage roughly.  If you recall they were undefeated on the road last year.  RANK 2 

New England Patriots – Gillette Stadium – Gillette is located about 20 miles from Providence and 20 miles from Boston, MA.  With a seating capacity of 68,756 this is Bird Scoop’s number 1 ranked road trip this year.  Depending on when this game is scheduled weather could be an issue so keep that in mind.  Foxboro is a nice drive straight up I95 through Connecticut.  There’s also a chance this game could be the best game of the year for the Eagles’.  Playing the defending champs will allow them to see where they stack up against the best.  RANK 1

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