No Huddle: The Linc vs The Vet

The Eagles’ have been playing in Lincoln Financial Field for 12 years now.  This is a state of the art stadium we should be proud of.  With a seating capacity of 69,176 The Linc provides a very conducive atmosphere to watch a football game.  The seats are right on top of the field giving fans an excellent vantage point.  It doesn’t seem that long ago when The Linc was just opened, all be it a loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 17-0 at the start of the 2003 season.  Over the last 12 years the Eagles’ have a 111-80-1 record at The Linc (58% Winning Clip).  Winning 111 games is nice but the feeling of a great home field advantage just isn’t there.  Why is that?  One thing it’s not, is the fans.  We the fans have been there since day one.  The Linc is always sold out and always rocking.  The one thing this stadium doesn’t have is the Fear Factor, it’s simply too nice.  Over the last two years it has gotten a little better.  An easy way to change the atmosphere of The Linc is the play on the field.  As this Eagles’ team continues to grow and improve, the home field advantage will improve.

The Vet was opened in 1971 and for its time was considered the Taj Mahal of outdoor stadiums.  This was a joint stadium shared by the Eagles and Phillies.  The Vet sat 65,358 for football and 56,371 for baseball.  For this blog I took the last 12 seasons at The Vet so the number of games would be the same.  During that time the Eagles played to a 104-87-1 record (54% Winning Clip).  Although the winning percentage is higher in The Linc, the overall Home Field advantage was greater at The Vet.  From the mid 80’s to its closing as The Vet started to deteriorate it started taking its toll on opposing players.  From the turf to the locker room teams wanted no parts of The Vet.

Some black eyes through the years have included Wendall Davis, a Bears WR blowing out both of his knees while running down the field.  His cleats got caught up in a seam and down he went. During an Army Navy College Football game a number of Cadets fell on to the field due to a faulty railing.  How could we forget the infamous cancelled pre season game between the Eagles and Ravens.  We all remember Brian Billick toeing the line down a seam and practically falling over.  These moments are horrible of course however it’s what made The Vet, The Vet.  The Eagles’ defeated many teams on Wednesdays and Thursdays as they were thinking more about the playing surface than the team playing on the surface.  The vet also had the 700 Level.  These were the cheap seats known for fights, beer drinking and rowdiness.  A lot of us second younger fans were raised in the 700 level.  These moments good and bad shaped who we are as fans.

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