Culture vs Scheme

Chip has brought up Culture vs Scheme multiple times when speaking with the media.  He values culture and believes culture will beat scheme, but what does this exactly mean?  Culture is defined as the quality in a person or society that arises from a concern for what is regarded as excellent in arts, manners, scholarly pursuits, etc.

Chip Kelly is looking for certain guys, his guys.  The type of players he can build around.  These players need to 100 % buy in to this program.  The sleep monitors, smoothies, everything that goes into Sports Science must be accepted.  Individuals who were here in the past may have bought into different bits and pieces but not the whole program and because of that are no longer here.  DeSean Jackson did not buy into the sports science, we all know that.  Do you think he was monitoring his sleeping habits or drinking every smoothie he was supposed to? I also realize money comes into play here as well.  Contract and Salary cap scenarios are part of this puzzle.

Chip wants the “whole to be greater than the some of its parts.”  Every player on this roster, whether your part of the 53 or practice squad must being moving towards the same goal, as a team, as one.  Kelly believes a team on the field, with a bond and brotherhood they created (culture) will beat any scheme.  Is he right?  It’s hard to tell as of right now.  He is still weeding out the players who don’t buy in.  This is now his ship.  Chip has complete control over everything from the roster to the draft itself so time will tell.

One player I believe they made a mistake on is Maclin and its not because he didn’t buy in.  They just under estimated the market for him.  Maclin was a complete team guy but thats a topic for another day.  For all the readers who are skeptical this might not work, drive up I95 to Foxboro, MA and look at the New England Patriots.  Belichick is a firm believer in culture vs scheme.  His teams never have the most talent, however they all strive towards the same goal.  Belichick doesn’t refer to it as Culture vs Scheme.  They talk about the “Patriot Way” and if your not buying in your looking for work elsewhere.  Chip is in the process of creating the “Eagle Way.”  Don’t get me wrong, I despise the Patriots for reasons we all know but Belichick can get 53 individuals to work together as a cohesive unit (it also helps to have illegal tape on every team, but I digress).

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