Our Take On Chip’s Presser

In a surprise move at the Nova Care complex today reporters were expecting Brandon Graham….instead they got Chip Kelly.

Per @EaglesInsider here are the transcripts from the press conference:

  • Kelly: I didn’t think i needed to control personnel.  That’s a decision our owner made
  • Kelly considers the trade of McCoy for Alonso important because it allowed the eagles to go after Maxwell
  • Kelly dispels the notion that the eagles will try and trade for Mariota
  • Mariota the best QB in the draft but won’t mortgage the future to get him
  • Kelly: I think Bradford has a tremendous skill set – praised his smarts and accuracy
  • Kelly said eagles were offered a first round pick this morning for Bradford
  • Bradford not here to be a chip in another trade

When Chip speaks we need to listen. For a couple reasons: 1 he never speaks so when he does you can’t miss it. 2 he has a knack for swaying your opinion about the Eagles.  After listening this afternoon its almost hard to come away not thinking, “ok i can see where he’s coming from” or “I’m still on board with this plan.”

Everyone knows they weren’t offered a No. 1 pick for Bradford this morning.  If that were the case the Rams would have made a separate trade and this would be a non issue.  Just a PR move by Kelly to soften the blow.

He said Bradford had a tremendous skill set.  He does, at 6’4 220 with a quick accurate release.  Everyone covets those skills.  That’s not the issue, the issue is durability.  All coaches value durability.  7 games in 2 years is the opposite of durability.

Will the Eagles trade for Mariota?  Kelly says no.  In 2009 Andy Reid asked if Donovan McNabb was his QB, his answer: yes.  3 months later McNabb was traded.  At this point in time is Bradford the eagles QB: yes.  Still think deal for Mariota is possible.


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