Chip Kelly Has A Plan

Chip Kelly is way too smart to be this dumb!  He has a plan, and we need to let this plan play out. As of right now we have QBs: Mark Sanchez, Matt Barkley and Sam Bradford on this roster.  Regarding the Sanchez signing, I think its a good signing.  Lets face it he was the best QB on the market. For a 1-2 game stretch he’s a capable back up. Don’t overlook Pat Shurmur in this Bradford deal.  Bradford had his best year as a pro under Shurmur as the Rams OC.  Below are Bradford’s Numbers from the 2012 season. ATT: 551 COMP: 328 YDS: 3,702 COMP%: 59.5 TD: 21 INT: 13 RATING: 82.6 Is it possible this trade was made with a future move hinging on this transaction?  It’s very possible Bradford could be coveted with a package of picks by Tampa, Tennessee and the Jets. Keep an eye on the Jets at 6.


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